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Air Conditioner Repair Services

air conditioning services gtaHealth, well-being and human performance are largely determined by condition of  the micro-climate and air in public or residential areas, where he spends quite a lot of the time. Depending on the number of installed modern facilities such as systems of ventilation and heating, electrical appliances and lighting equipment this expression is getting more popular : “The house is a machine for living.” If you think about the physiological effects of air on person, you should remember that one person consumes  about three kilograms of food and fifteen pounds of air every day. Thus the well-being will depend on air, its purity and freshness, that is why on-time air conditioner repair and maintenance are so important.

The Functions Of Air Conditioning Systems

Thus, the air conditioning system is responsible for maintaining the air of various parameters on the optimal level for humans. Such systems also include ventilation, heating (or a combined ventilation and heating system) and, directly, the air conditioning system. As practice shows, air heating, which is combined with the ventilation in the room, creates a satisfactory microclimate and ensures ideal conditions of air. Air conditioning systems are considered as units with lots of features. Their principal advantage is in the fact that, apart from implementing the tasks of heating and ventilation systems, they provide an opportunity to form a normal microclimate in the hot summer season, due to the application of freon refrigeration machine in its own composition.

Preparation of air in these systems may provide its heating, cooling, drying, humidification, purification (ionization, filtration, etc.), and they allow you to maintain a certain air conditions inside the building, regardless of the fluctuations of meteorological parameters and the level of ambient (outdoor) air, and well as different thermal radiations in the room.

The Main Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning system are classified into the following types in accordance with its purpose: technological and comfortable. Technological systems are used to provide the characteristics of the air which correspond to the maximum extent to the requirements of a particular technology or production process. As for the comfortable systems of air conditioning, they are applied to the formation and maintenance of automatic relative humidity, temperature, speed of movement and air quality in accordance with the optimal sanitary norms.

Installation Of Air Conditioning Systems

The efficiency and stability of the air conditioning are not only qualities. There is also an important element of how properly and accurately the montage and installation of such equipment were carried out, and how clever the exploitation of the air conditioning equipment is.

Installation and air conditioner repair services are serious and somewhat complicated procedures that must be trusted only to professionals with extensive experience. Without the necessary knowledge and tools needed for installation of air conditioner often becomes inefficient work, and then causes damage to the expensive equipment.

Why Do You Need Professional Installation, Or Why Do Air Conditioners Break?

The most common reason for calls to service centers, which provide air conditioner repair and serving, is unqualified installation and maintenance of equipment. Therefore, you should immediately take care of its installation. It should be carried out by specialists of high professional level. Ask for details of the company (how many years it was engaged in this activity, what experts are working in a team that installs air conditioners). And above all we must remember that saving money on quality installation will require quite large sums of money to repair the air conditioner. It is better to ask professionals who can provide a quality montage and installation of air conditioning system.

We work with well known companies that produce air conditioning systems, such as: American standard, KeepRite, Aire-Flo (Lennox), Ducane, Concord, Payne, Rheem, Goodmen, Bryant, Amana, Ameristar, Weather King, and others.

We remind you that Fox services provide services for heating, ventilation and air conditioning of homes, offices and warehouses and you can always contact us to order a calculation or installation!