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The Amana Company is known as the producer of central air conditioning units, both for residential and for light commercial use. The trademark “Amana”, owned by Maytag Worldwide, is licensed and distributed by Goodman. The privately owned Goodman Manufacturing, with headquarters in Houston, TX (USA),is also  the owner of such brands as Goodman, Janitrol and GmC, all of which also deal in various heating and cooling equipment.

History Of the Company

The company, first named Amana Refrigerator, Inc. for its first location – Amana, Iowa, was founded in 1934.In 1997 the Company was purchased by Goldman Manufacturing, which four years later, in 2001, closed the deal with Maytag, selling them Amana Appliance, a division of the Company which specializes in major appliances and commercial microwave ovens.

Product Range

Under the trademarks such as Ultron, Distinctions and Prestige, Amana deals in central air conditioners and heat pumps. The trademark Distinction is associated with the gas furnaces trade, as well as the Air Command one.

The Company’s Standard Warranty

Specific, albeit limited data on the Company’s warranty policies is available from Amana. Aside from the generous five-year warranty on singular parts, the primary possessors of such Company products as air conditioning unit and heat pump compressors get a limited lifetime warranty, which ceases to be applicable upon the resale of the product. For this exact same conditions qualify the initial owners of recuperative coils and the  natural gas furnace heat exchangers. Additionally, for the benefits of this warranty the buyer is obliged to register and supply his data to the Amana Company no later than 60 days from the installation of the product, or – in the case of moving houses – of the finalizing of the purchase of the new home.

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