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BBQ Gas Line Installation

Installation, Replacement, and Repair of Gas Lines, Appliances, and Water Pipes

When it comes to the safety of the gas and water lines supplying your house, you should trust only a licensed, professional technician. Gas and water line trouble can be dangerous, causing serious damage to your residence. Plant and tree roots, soil shifts, weakened seals, and corrosion can harm conduits over time. It’s critical to repair any minor gas and water line leaks before they become major threats to your family and your house.

BBQ Gas Line Installation Toronto

The technicians at Fox Services will inspect, install, fix, and replace water and gas lines to assure safe, efficient service for your home.  Whether installing a new water heater or stove, changing layouts, BBQ gas line installation Toronto, or relocating gas equipment to another room, our technician will provide you good piece of advice and professional assistance.

Gas conduit work is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ project – it’s extremely dangerous and is strictly prohibited.  Even the tiniest gas leak is poisonous, and ignition can cause an explosion. Requirements and standards for gas appliances are for your safety – trust the experts at Fox!

Fox Services features the following repair and installation offerings for GTA gas line plumbing:

  • flexible piping gas conduits
  • natural gas lines
  • propane gas pipes
  • gas line piping for appliances
  • BBQ gas line installation Toronto

Fox also provides GTA water line repair, re-piping, and installation:

  • main water supply leads
  • flexible water line re-piping
  • copper, PVC, and CPVC water conduits
  • water re-lining specialists
  • all leaky pipe repairs

Our clean, courteous technicians will troubleshoot and maintain your gas and water systems.

Need a certified pro to repair your gas equipment?   Phone Fox today at (416) 838-6047.

Safety Rules for Residential Gas Utilities:

  • Do not repair faults in gas equipment and pipelines yourself; if you smell gas, shut off the gas and call a specialist.
  • When operating gas appliances, ensure that the ventilation system is activated during use.
  • Do not leave unattended any operating gas appliance (except devices designed for continuous operation which have automated safety measures).
  • Upon sudden extinction of gas flames, immediately close all gas valves and thoroughly ventilate the area.
  • Keep gas appliances away from children and impaired bystanders.
  • Do not use gas or gas devices for unapproved purposes – do not use ovens to heat rooms!
  • Do not leave the stove on, especially near flammable materials: paper, clothing, etc.
  • Do not install an unauthorized gas supply to your home.
  • Do not make unauthorized changes or replacements of gas appliances.
  • Do not alter room configurations for installed gas appliances without complying with relevant regulatory organizations.
  • Do not redesign gas equipment.
  • Do not modify any exhaust, flue, or ventilation system.
  • Do not disconnect the automatic safety and control mechanisms.
  • Do not use gas with faulty appliances, controls, valves, or fixtures.
  • Never sleep in rooms where gas appliances operate!
  • Do not use an open flame for detecting gas leaks.
  • Do not store empty gas cylinders or liquefied-gas containers indoors or in basements.

For your protection, price quotes for repair or replacement of gas fixtures call (416) 838-6047, or you may leave us a message.