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The primary products of Bryant Heating and Cooling are central air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces and heat pumps for domestic use. In addition, the company offers a range of commercial- grade rooftop heating and cooling pumps and a line of furnace filters. At present, Bryant Heating and Cooling is owned by United Technologies Corporation (headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana; trading on the New York Stock Exchange), its products distributed under the Carrier trademark.

Company History

Charles Bryant established the Natural Gas Regulator Company in 1904 in Cleveland, Ohio, thereby launching a successful gas-fired furnace venture within four years, succeeding in dominating the US market for gas furnaces throughout the 1920s.In 1955 the Company was acquired by Carrier, which in itself was acquired by United Technologies Corporation in 1979.


The company’s products include residential air conditioning units, heat pumps, a variety of gas and oil furnaces, marketed under such brands as “Preferred Series”, “Evolution System», and “Legacy Line». The Evolution 80v is the first 80% AFUE model, the Evolution 90i – the first  90% AFUE furnace.


There is a standard one-year warranty on prime units; extended warranties are available for individual parts.

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