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Bypass Humidifier

There are many humidification system manufacturers who produce a bypass humidifier. There is a lot of resemblance between functions and configurations.

Installation Process

  • qMake  decision about installation location: The best location  for bypass humidifier is  return ducting.
  • Place a tape on the template in place, insure the template is leveled, and mark out  the place where the opening will be cut.
  • Remove the template, cut opening in ductwork.
  • Dissemble the humidifier to install the housing.
  • Place the housing in the opening and latch  it  out with sheet metal screws through the provided mounting openings (sometimes there are clips to attach the side-panels to the ducting).
  • Opening for a 6″ pipe starter collar should be cut in a supply plenum.
  • Fit 6″ ducting from supply plenum to opening on humidifier. Fit a 6″ damper in this ducting. Damper position “Open/winter” and “Closed/summer” should be labeled
  • Install the parts into housing again. Hook the water supply tubing up to the top of water panel.
  • Place 24-volt transformer on the side of air handler or furnace. It is appropriate place for wiring.
  • Attach firmly the wires to the high voltage side of transformer (typical 110 volt wiring).
  • Place the duct-humidistat above or before the humidifier, thus the humidistat shows real humidification level of the air from the conditioned space.
  • Attach firmly the wires to the low voltage wiring or control wiring. One leg of the low voltage wiring is connected directly to the solenoid valve. The other leg is connected to a proving switch (current sensing relay, sail switch, or pressure switch), then through the humidistat, then to the solenoid valve.

wLearn the tips provided by the manufacturer about wiring. There are some humidifier tips on air handlers and furnaces, which give you an opportunity not to install  a field-supplied proving switch.

You will have to do the wiring if a primary heating source in your residency is different from forced air, or if the humidity level can be controlled by the thermostat.

  • Fit a  drain tubing on   a floor drain or other functioning drain location(drain should  descent to the home drain location).
  • Hook up the 1/4″ water line. Self-piercing saddle-valve is provided with most humidification units. Fix it around a copper water line. When the valve is installed, the water will fill water and the water line and supply will be  compatible with the equipment.

Read manuals. Many bypass humidifiers can use hot or cold water, softened or hard water.

Water Panel Replacement / Service

e1. Switch down humidistat. Turn off power. Dissemble the cover and put it away.
2. Swivel top of the panel towards you. Lift up and out.
3. Put away the water distribution tray. The  water line has to be connected.
4. Remove media from frame (slide up and out).
5. Hard water deposits and debris should be cleaned out.
6. Examine the drain tube for flow and obstruction.
7. New media should be placed into frame. Install water distribution tray again. Reassemble opposite of disassemble.
8. Start up unit and make sure it works properly.