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What can you expect

A Positive Service Atmosphere

Our team is not only technically skilled and highly qualified, but also a pleasure to work with. Each technician feels a sense of pride in our company, behaving only with professionalism and courtesy.  Clients may expect workspace flooring to be carefully covered, protecting your home with drop sheets and runners.  Our staff wears shoe guards, cleaning up when finished.

Peace Of Mind

Our compliance with all laws, license regulations, and codes means everyone sleeps well. Companies create turmoil when offering lower prices because they sidestep licensing, fail to ‘pull’ the required permits, or don’t carry adequate insurance.  Fox Services is a fully licensed business that obtains all required permits. We guarantee liability insurance for your protection.
Code-compliance and adequate insurance are important to your safety and financial security. Workplace injuries will be covered, and insurance claims due to a fire or an accident will be respected when all the permits are in place.  Craftsmanship counts whenever you might sell your home.  Repairs made correctly the first time spares our customers any ‘rehab’ expenses.  With Fox Services, you can rest assured that you’re not dealing with a ‘fly-by-night’ operator that vanishes at the first hint of difficulty.

A Commitment To Safety

You rightly ask: “Is Fox concerned with my family’s safety?” Our relentless safety training, drug testing, and impeccable screening of employees ensures safe, professional service. Customers want to know that when a company is invited into their homes, family and property will be respected.  Fox Services take this responsibility for your protection most seriously, and that’s why our hired staff is subjected to rigorous scrutiny.

A Dedication To Service

We focus on service, not easier new construction, so that you are served when you need it. To ensure that our team is available to meet your service needs when you require, Fox has committed time and manpower exclusively for the fixing and replacing of equipment that fails. Rather than get over-involved in new installations, we promise that if you have a problem, Fox Services will send a specialist to fix it!

Your Feedback Counts

If you have any questions or remarks about our work please do not hesitate to ask us! Fox Services will guarantee your satisfaction in every case, because it really matters to us.