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Carrier is known as the maker of  a wide range of boilers – for residential, commercial and industrial use, central air conditioning units and gas and oil furnaces. A line of furnace filters and heat pumps, as well as residential package units and commercial condensing and package units, is also available.

In 2009 company made $11.4 billion in revenue. While being itself owned by United Technologies Corporation, Carrier owns such trademarks as International Comfort Products and  Bryant Heating and Cooling. The Company’s headquarters are in Syracuse, New York, U.S. The Carrier Company, along with its subdivisions, is known for being the largest air conditioning producer in the world

Corporate History

The inventor of the first air conditioning system, Willis Carrier, founded the Carrier Engineering Company in 1915. Since 1979 the Company is owned by United Technologies Corporation.

The Company’s products are manufactured on all four habitable continents (the fifth being Antarctica).


Carrier’s website provides all the information on the multitude of warranties for its vast array of products on its website.

More information is available on Carrier’s web page: