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Commercial Freezers & Refrigeration

Diagnosis of Refrigeration Systems

Freezers units – even the best – can fail suddenly, incurring serious food-spoilage losses.  Preventive maintenance for your refrigeration system can be a real money-saver!

Specialists at Fox Services can rapidly fix a wide variety of cooling equipment used in:i

  • stores and supermarkets,
  • catering networks: restaurants, bars, coffee shops,
  • entertainment centers, nightclubs,
  • bakeries, pastry shops, and other specialized food and beverage businesses.

Our years of extensive experience with the refrigeration process equip our professionals for the GTA maintenance and upkeep of your freezer system.  All types of services can be performed on-site the same day.  We pledge “just-in-time” arrival of our technicians, with most repairs not taking more than three hours.

When refrigeration trouble strikes, call Fox Services at 416-838-6047 for expert diagnosis and repair work, from individual commercial set-ups to large-scale industrial facilities.

Commercial refrigeration equipment:

  • reach-in coolers and freezers
  • combined refrigeration and freezer cabinets
  • refrigerated display cases
  • refrigeration systems and chest freezers
  • beverage coolers and food-preparation stations
  • walk-in coolers and freezers, and more

Industrial refrigeration structures:

large cooled-storage areas equipped with split systems and comprehensive power chillers.

We guarantee the entire range of refrigeration repair service: all labor, replacement parts, fixtures, and components.

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