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Continental Fireplaces – Corporate History

The company gates back to 1976, the year Wolfgang Shroeter started his small steel manufacturing enterprise in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Wolf Steel Ltd at first limited itself to the production of steel railings, no- one yet could  anticipate the commercial success that would later continue under the trademark Continental® Fireplaces.

Since the production of the initial stove (featuring a solid cast iron two-door design) in a thousand-square-feet facility in 1979, Wolf Steel adopted the notion of striving to be distinct and victorious in his every initiative. With the launch of the first single glass door wood stove in 1981 – along the way introducing the trademark Pyroceram (high temperature resistant ceramic glass) and a cast-iron frame, this was the first of many industry milestones. Thus the fame of – and the demand for these quality products spread to the rest of Canada and the USA, representatives were assigned to promote sales.

Time and again the company has showed the way by patenting innovative and exclusive technologies, such as the fabled  PHAZER® logs, deluxe gourmet grills and some of the most modern fireplace designs imaginable. The innovations in engineering, bold and smart design, high-level manufacturing techniques, dedicated and superbly trained customer support, exceptional products quality and warranties a cut above those of rival companies – all this favorably singles Continental Fireplaces out.

At present, with more than 400 employees, 375,000+ square feet of manufacturing space, Wolf Steel is North Americas largest privately owned producer of wood and gas fireplaces, free standing stoves, quality grills and inserts. It is an ISO 9001-2008 registered company.

The continuing rapid growth of Wolf Steel is undoubtedly a product of commitment to quality combined with sterling, honest service.

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