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Fireplace – A Source Of Comfort

Fire – is the foundation of life. Not only does it bring both light and warmth to the home, but also comfort and convenience. Caveman survived by using fire, thus it makes sense why fire-related cults emerged. People lined fire with stones, shielding it from the area of their living territory. Over time, as man has evolved, he brought the fire into the house, draped it with stones and called it a fireplace.  In the current day and age, the fire is ”deformed” by civilization, since it is used mostly for entertainment, as opposed to its initial use for necessity.

Copy of 55It is a tradition for the whole family to get together near the fireplace, however sometimes individual members sit near the fireplace, to enjoying the dancing tongues of fire. Fire mesmerizes, relaxes and soothes. But you should not think that the fireplace is designed solely for the inspiring gentle lull of feelings or for crackling logs. One of the main features of a fireplace is heating of the house.

Depending On The Type Of Fuel There Are The Following Fireplaces:

  • Wood and coal
  • Gas
  • Bio-fuel
  • Electric

It should be noted that earlier, fireplaces were used mainly as a decorative element, without having the functions of the heating system; but thanks to modern technology and the development of the human mind, a fireplace has adapted air heating. This development gave the fireplace functions of both comfort and  significant heat.

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