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Furnace Humidifier Installation

Luzxaire HumidifierHumidification makes people’s life more comfortable. Some people pay attention to humidity, whereas others do not notice. There are people who have nose bleeding in dry environment. For many people this situation is hazardous, and humidity in their residence is a priority for them.

People who move from dry to humid  places can realize immediately that  humidifiers are necessarily in their homes. Relative humidity is the proportion of the actual amount of dampness in the air as a percentage of the  amount of saturation.
The saturation ratio of moisture to air alters with temperature and pressure.

If the air is warm, the  air can have more water vapor in it. Air in your house always tends to reach saturation point. The water will  be absorbed by the air. In your home, the air will absorb moisture from your plants, your furniture, your pets, and from you and your.

 Are Your Skin And Lips Dry?

Humidifyer Installation ToronotThe Canadian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (CSHRAE) gives instructions. It states that 40% to 60% relative humidity is ideal for people’s residency. 35% RH is  highly advised during the heating season in dry weather. If the humidity is higher or lower, bacteria, mold, fungus, mites and viruses grow vigorously.
Make sure you are careful with humidifiers. If the level of humidity is permanent in your house, and there is little or no ventilation, mold can grow. Mold can be harmful to your kids’ health, your  health, and your pets.
If your residency obtains a musty odor, it means in your basement or low places beneath your floor, you may have a lot of moisture in these places.


In winter a well- operating humidification system can help you save you money! For instance,  if it is 20°C at 40% humidity you feel as warm as 23.3°C at 20% relative humidity. If you turn off your thermostat  you can save 5% on your annual energy bill.

A 1600 square foot home requires approximately one-third gallon of moisture per hour for comfortable living.

The formula is: cubic feet x .00028 = moisture required per hour for comfortable environment. A gallon of water weighs 8.35 lbs. above example: 1600 x 8′ ceiling height = 12,800 cu. ft. 12,800 cu. ft. x .00028 = 3.58 lbs of water per hour.

All humidifiers need to be monitored by a humidistat (picture 5). The humidistat can be installed to your return ducting in your mechanical room, or it can be an essential action of your thermostat.

Humididty Control Systems InstallationThe first humidifier picture shown above is a bypass humidifier. These units are widely-used because of the price.  You will have to spend $300 or $ 500 to install the unit in your house.

It has an interior pad which is sprinkled with water as air goes through the pad. The best place to install your unit is your return air ducting.

If you use a 6″ round duct from your supply it will direct the air the air and through the water pad. In this case, water vapor is collected and distributed through the duct system. It is a good idea to provide this bypass humidifier with hot water. It should be used on a forced air furnace, which is your first heat generator.

The second humidifier shown above is a powered humidifier. This unit has its small fan. This fan can blow air through a water pad into your ductwork. It is a good idea to provide this unit with hot air too. It  should be installed on your furnace’s hot air plenum, not on the return ducting. You have to pay $500 or $700 for installation of this unit. These humidifiers should be used on the furnace systems which are your primary heat source.

The third type shown below is a steam humidifier. These units are great, however they are much  costly. The installation of stainless steel unit costs approximately $ 2,000.00.

Steam Humidifier InstallationA steam humidifier makes steam in the unit. This steam is added to air stream of your air handler or furnace. This is the best approach in the case if your source of heat is radiant. If you have a radiant heating, an air handler or a furnace will be called for distributing of humidification. The bypass and powered humidifiers are not the best solution for radiant heated residency. If you want to distribute humidity properly the bypass and powered humidifiers should be heated. The first stage of heating is radiant system. If the second stage of heating is your furnace, the second stage does not call for supplemental heating. Consequently if there is a call for humidity, the fan starts working. It distributes humidity through a cold air stream. The bypass and powered humidifiers just do not work well  in these conditions. STEAM HUMIDIFIERS DO! 

Some steam humidifiers, Nortec and GeneralAire make steam inside a tank. The tank has  to be replaced sometimes.  You might pay $150.00 after you pay for the service call. The Nortec and GeneralAire  are great devices, once you pay the annual maintenance costs.
Furnace Humidifier Repair TorontoHoneywell has combined the steam humidifier with their “TrueSTEAM” unit.
Majority of high capacity steam humidifiers run on 240 volt power. This Honeywell unit uses 120 volt power (picture 4).
A good choice.

If it is cold outside there is  less moisture in the air. If it is -10*  outside, set your humidifier for 20% RH. For every 10 Degrees  increase your humidistat by 5%, which means that above 20* your humidistat will be at 40% RH. All residencies are different. Your home probably need  higher settings, or  lower settings.

Examine your windows for water or frost regularly and alter your settings a few degrees at a time. Humidity adjusts in a house fast, but if the unit you choose is not big enough for your home, the unit will work all the time and never reach set-point. Has your HVAC contractor done the math to make sure that the unit(s) he is installing will cover your needs?

Shut off your humidifiers during air conditioning season. Humidity will be removed by air conditioner. Humidifiers and air conditioner do not work simultaneously. Do not install your humidifier over an electrical panel or outlet. A secondary drain pan should be installed under your humidifier. If there is a leak you will have to pay a lot to fix it. You might install a wet switch in the drain pan, which will switch off the unit if there is water there. It cannot be a solution if the leakage is in the supply water line before your humidifier.

If you want to have correctly installed and functioning furnace humidifiers system in your home, office or warehouse call professionals from Fox Services today and get free work estimate!