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Programmable Thermostat

Are you still using an old-style thermostat which you have to adjust it manually? If you answer “yes” – we recommend you to replace your device with a programmable one.

What You Will Get If You Install A Programmable Thermostat:

  • Programmable Thermostat Advantagessavings of energy;
  • easy exploitation;
  • control;
  • comfort;
  • savings in your bills.

Some units are equipped with touch-screen display. It allows you to store time and temperature settings, which are based on the situation, when your home will need the HVAC system to provide heating and cooling. The program send signal to HVAC system about the period of time when it can stop working and have a “rest” or about the ability to switch to minimum level of operation process, for example when there is nobody inside the building, or in the night when all members of your family are sleeping.

If you want to save money with an old unit, you should remember to turn down the heat. PT will do this work for you, because it never forgets to make this adjustment. According to the Canada Dept. of Energy, you can cut your heating and cooling expenses by 20% if you set back your thermostat during low-demand periods for the HVAC system. PT ensures these savings by making automatic setbacks at pre-established times.

Different models of programmable thermostats allow you to store HVAC system settings for every day of the week and weekends or for particular days and weekends. Fox services can help you choose the appropriate unit that best meet all your needs.

How To Save Your Money – Choose Smart Programmable Thermostat, Which Will Put Your Home On Cruise Control

Heating and Cooling Systems Installation TorontoWe know that you will agree about the fact that it will be great if your heating and cooling units will turn down automatically at night when your family is sleeping, and then start working again just before you and your family members wake up. And it will be great too if your cooling and heating units will switch on  automatically on a particular day of the week or weekends, keeping the HVAC operation processes going when somebody is at home, but turn it down  if there is nobody inside during the week.

We know how to make this level of control possible. The answer is in installation of a programmable thermostat. These units look like computers of small size, which store settings of temperature and time, which are based on your daily schedule. You can make the setting, based on time, when you are at home and need comfortable level of temperature and when the system can have a “rest” because there is nobody inside the home. You can change the settings every time you need.

We are sure that if you try a PT, you’ will love it. This device increases savings of energy and money and decrease anxiety. With this unit you won’t have to think about the temperature in your home with driving your car. Instead of these unpleasant moments you just have to set it once and forget about it. Choose the comfort and savings of energy – get cruise control for your home.

Fox Services experienced technicians will come to your place and recommend more suitable brand of programmable thermostat which will meet your financial and physical needs in order to make your home or office most comfortable place! Contact us today and get a free consultation and work estimate.