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High Efficiency Filters

4Everybody knows that the air, which is outside the house, can contain pollutants. But they are diluted by rain and wind — unlike the air inside the house where contaminants can be in concentrated doses. Actually, the air inside can be more polluted than the air outside (up to 100 times). No wonder that according to the EPA indoor air quality is ranked as a top-5 concern for the environment. Any house can be full of bacteria, dust, pollen, mold, and pet dander, no matter how neat your family is. Removing of these particles is the removing of common triggers for asthma attacks, allergies, headaches and other problems with health. By good fortune, a device, which cleans the air, goes far beyond standard filters to improve the quality of air for the whole house.

Benefits Of Cleaners Of Air In The Whole House In Comparison With Portables

Unlike portable room air units, a cleaner of air in the whole house is a part of your existing system of cooling and heating. While cleaning the air throughout your house, they remain out of sight and have very quite sound of operating process. The advantage is you do not have to deal with the noise from a portable air cleaner. A design of air cleaners in the whole house is particularly useful for houses with cathedral ceilings and open areas.

98% particle capture rate secures the high level of your comfort

Particles of small size can have a great influence on the quality of indoor air. That’s why devices, which work on electricity, capture up to 98% of particles down to one micron. It also permanently catches and kills captured spores and bacteria, and also it is the best unit in removing of viruses, which are of the same size as the particles. This small detail makes a big difference if any member of your family has an allergy. One cleaner of air lets the person breathe in fewer allergens wherever they get inside your house.

Working All The Time

The device can deliver the operation during the 24 hours every day when it is needed, so that all members of your family will feel the difference day after day. Each cleaner is easy in maintenance with simple servicing once a year. Efficient 24 x 7 filtration means that the air, which is indoor, is being cleaned so the members of your family will feel great even during their season of allergy.

Cleaners Of Air In The Whole House: Working Process

Cleaners of air in the whole house are working inside the central comfort system of your home. Therefore, these devices can remove particles from the stream pf air, which is circulating in each of rooms in your house. Significant cutting of the particles, which are contained in every cubic foot of air, is favorable to your whole environment. Small amount of dust in circulation makes your home cleaner — and small amount of airborne organisms makes your family healthier.

We will choose the best system of cleaning and sterilization of the air in your house, office, factory, etc.