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Hydronic Heaters

We can provide any type of heating in your home, office, facility: whether it would be a traditional system or an alternative.

The technology, which is used in modern heating equipment, is now on the highest level. That is why, the optimal scheme of independent heating can be adjusted to any object.

Water Heating Is One Of These Systems.

Water heating is the classical type of heating system, which was used for decades in many countries, including the United States and Canada. Its main feature is the usage of a heat transfer fluid, which is circulating through the heating system such as radiators or tubes in radiant floor as well as in snow melting systems. The name of these systems are the “hydronic heating.” The role of the heat transfer agent can be played by water, antifreeze or glycol . The system consists of a heating boiler, which heats the coolant, and a system of pipes and radiators, which carry heat. In addition, to ensure ease of usage, cost-effective fuel economy and safety, modern hydronic heating is equipped with automatic control system. Today the most common type of hydronic heating systems is the system, based on gas boilers.

Installation of heating is the most important stage of the creation of independent heating systems. The level of professionalism, with which the installation is done, has a great influence on the functionality, efficiency and durability of the systems. The result of poor installation is in the manifest deterioration in operational and technical characteristics of the heating system, the necessity to carry out repair works, and often, in the necessity to do a re-installation. That is why the choice of the professional, who will be able to install home heating at the highest level, is of great importance.

The Advantages Of Water Heating Are In The Following Characteristics:

  • Comfort. The problem of heat does not bother you and you constantly feel the warmth, comfort, cosiness and cleanliness of your home.
  • Efficiency. Water – is a great conductor of heat. It allows you to avoid significant heat losses, because its temperature can be easily controlled.
  • Health. The use of water heating system can prevent the spread of dust, bacteria. It is possible due to the lack of air circulation. It also does not affect the air humidity in the room.
  • Reliability. Thanks to the reliability of all components of the water heating system it also has a high level of reliability. Moreover, it can be used during a long period of time.

We remind you that our company provides repair, maintenance, design and installation of individual heating systems of all kinds. We set water heating and air heating systems, guaranteeing the highest efficiency and functionality of the heating systems of any type.