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Likely, in temperate climates heat pumps are a better option to furnaces and air conditioner for your average household. Heat pumps come in two varieties: compression and absorption, they may work on electricity and/or inflammable fuels. Mitsubishi deals in heat pumps under the trademark Mr. Slim, the product line presents heat pumps that are wall- or ceiling-mounted and do not demand ductwork, which is suitable for attaining desirable room temperature in tight spaces. All Mr. Slim heat pumps provide zone control, practically noiseless operation, and inverter technology with “smart” microprocessor controls, the wireless remote and washable filters.

Corporate History

In 1870 Yataro Iwasaki founded a shipping enterprise in Japan, later developing his commercial dealings to include shipbuilding, banking, mining and insurance business. Thus began the history of Mitsubishi companies, a self-defined “multitude of independent companies” of which now there are more than 400 operating in scores of  industries, among which are real estate, elder care, metal and chemical trades. The Mitsubishi Electric Company deals in heat pumps mainly in the US and around the world.


The original owner of a Mr. Slim heat pump is eligible for a five-year parts warranty. This means that should the part become impaired due to unfitting workmanship and/or materials, the company shall in due process replace said part. A further two-year warranty applies to the compressors, thus summing it up to seven years. The customer shall be aware that the warranties shall not cover labor costs nor property damage of any kind.

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