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It was 1976 when Dan Binzer, responding to a preexisting demand from Vancouver, BC, Canada builders, embarked on a zero clearance wood burning fireplaces’ enterprise, thus becoming the founder and president of the company. In the following years there was a growing demand for an even safer and more efficient natural gas alternative. This moved Dan to design and then start manufacturing the one-of-a-kind Sandpan Logset. Putting in the new Logset within the casing of the old product (the wood burning fireplace) Binzer succeeded in inventing one of the first both safe and affordable zero clearance gas fireplaces available to the general public.

While the use of natural gas in households was becoming widespread, Dan Binzer seized the chance to offer his product to single- and multi-unit developments, founding Canadian Heating – a company that offered its customers the proverbial “whole nine yards” – starting with design and engineering, including individual adjustments, then constructing and selling the units, an assortment of zero clearance gas fireplaces all throughout Canada. Under the Montigo trademark in 1985 the company started the development of the latest chic in gas fireplace engineering – the Direct Venting.

Over the decades, advancement in gas fireplace technology continued with never-ending improvements on the design and efficiency, manufacturing processes have been perfected so as to deliver the best possible item even for the most intricate custom task at hand – or on the blueprint.

For all admirers of modern, minimalistic or contemporary home design, Montigo, being one of the first in bringing forth a linear designed fireplace, now have on offer a vast array of linear fireplaces that would satisfy the likings of architects, designers and homeowners alike.

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