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Why You Need a Zoning System?

  • 3You can save money and have the comfort around the clock if you have heating ventilation air conditioning (hvac) zoning system.
  • Sophisticated zone system will control different areas of your house at different time of the day.
  • As temperature changes outside, the temperature inside the house changes accordingly.
  • Why don’t you want to compare the heating and cooling system with the lighting?
  • Would you like to control it by one thermostat?
  • Why do you control the cooling and heating system by one thermostat?
  • Zone control system will enable you to obtain freedom to control the temperature in your house.

12-story House With Basement

The house has one furnace and an air conditioner servicing 3 levels of the house.
1/3 of conditioning provides each level 100% of the time. Each floor gives the owner 1/3
of energy bills.



2-story House Without Basement With Zoning

Top floor uses 20% of energy. Only main level of the house is heated. Basement uses 15% of daily energy. Some owners say that they pay 30% of the bills if they install HVAC zoning system.

2It comes together. Why do you have cool or heat zones in your house which you don’t use? You might use them at particular time of the day like you use your Master bedroom.

If you change your mind you will be able to override the thermostat and start zoning back up. Zoning decreases the number of times the air conditioner and the furnace cycles on and off. Not only does save it money but also extends the life of the equipment.This system installation gives you a lot of benefits. First of all, you can preset the time of the day, desired temperature and forecast what areas you will need in the evening. When you go to bed the temperature in your house will be lower in all the house apart from the place you sleep.

A Practical Example

Imagine it is winter and your house faces east. Your living room with two large windows faces east. In the morning there is a lot of heat in the living room because of the sun which
shines through the window. Your thermostat is on the eastern side registering the heat gaining in the morning. The western side gets colder because the sun is never in the west.

The furnace does not work. It is not necessary because  the thermostat on the hot side of  the house.

Now let’s look at the same house if is divided into 2 zones: an eastern zone and western zone. We have a thermostat in each zone. In the morning when it is warn on the east side, the thermostat located in the west can call for the heating. The furnace starts working, the western zone damper opens and the heating is delivered through ducting if western side really requires heating.

The same happens to air conditioner. Different zones of the house calls for cooling at different time of the day. As the sun moves, in the afternoon the western side might not need a lot of heating. The zoning system will adapt to changes of the temperature and distribute the heating and cooling accordingly. You can use the same concept for multi-story house. Basement consumes less heat than main floor.

Many houses are heated and cooled with one furnace and one air conditioner. The basement is often cold and the top floor is hot. The thermostat is on the main floor. As soon as the thermostat feels the set temperature it turns off the heating and cooling system regardless of upper floor and the basement. The same situation would happen if the thermostat were located in the basement or on the upper floor. The other levels will overheated or overcooled. It will depend on the thermostat location. To solve this problem you can provide delivery of heating and cooling to  different areas of the house. This can be done with the multiple small systems, or main system with separate HVAC zoning control and dampered ductwork which distributes the air to different rooms.

5 Zones?

One of the best systems is a zone with 5 systems There is a basement zone, a main floor system, a main floor system, a main floor east zone, a main floor west zone and east and west zone for the upper floor.

If you install 5 zones on a single system it can cause other problems.

Moreover, single zones opening makes duct static pressure high. This high static needs to be decreased for proper performance. This can be done by a barometric bypass damper feeding a dump zone . You also need a furnace or an air handler for zoning system.

Majority of equipment manufacturers produces 2-stage air conditioners, usually in their higher efficiency range. A large number of air conditioners run at 60% of full capacity on first stage. They also produce variable speed air handlers, furnaces, and HVAC zoning control boards which control blower speed separately for each zone.

Dual Systems?

5 zone system is not usual .The house which is mentioned above can be served with two systems. The main floor and the basement can be served with one system which has 3 HVAC zones. The second system  might be located in the attic, and serve the two upper zones.

Budget would be a decisive factor for the dual system approach.

Ductwork Must Be Sized To Fit A Zone System

Ductwork should pass through the amount of air in accordance with the size of the room.  The best time to do it when you build your house.

Dampers And Damper Motors

You have to keep your dampers and damper actuators  in good conditions  to prevent  their failure. Consequently,  you have to install your dampers  in the mechanical room where they can be accessed easily.

If  you install a zone damper is anywhere else,  you have to provide an access panel to it.

Keep the drawing of your hvac zone systems, and damper location with your service and owner’s manuals. You have to label the zone boards and dampers for the specific zone they serve.


The servicemen will  have difficulty to find dampers if they get buried. The servicemen will keep looking for them making holes in the ceiling and the walls.

The Hvac Contractor

If you think about zoning in the future, you have to find skillful contractor who has a lot of knowledge about  hvac zoning system design. You have to be sure sure that he installs dampers with blade seals and side seals. Zone can be overheated or overcooled   by air bypass, which is not calling for conditioning.

Zoning Does Have Benefits And Limitations.

Benefits (Pros):

  • A single zoned system is much less costly than multiple systems.
  • Temperature management of each zone.
  • Lower operating expenditures.
  • Unoccupied areas of the house can be shut down until needed, provided the areas  do not get extremely cold.
  • Easily shut down unoccupied  areas at night, and condition only the  areas where people sleep  until morning.
  • Changeable speed motors consume about 1/3 of the power of a conventional blower motor.

Limitations (Cons):

  • There are no small zones. Enough air cannot be delivered into a small zone for proper equipment cycling. Do not try to zone a bedroom separately from a bathroom. Leave them as the same zone.
  • The blower speed on furnace or air handler must be variable.