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Payne Heating &Cooling manufactures gas furnaces, central air conditioning units and heat pumps. At present the Carrier Company, based in Farmington, CT, U.S.A., owns the Payne brand.

Company History

Founded in 1914, in 1945 Payne joined forces with Day&Night and Bryant thus forming Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc. (AGE). Upon acquiring AGE in 1955, Carrier made Payne a part of its subsidiary, BDP, in 1974.Upon leaving BDP in 1996, the Company became known as Payne Heating &Cooling, though it is still a part of Carrier.

Merchandise Lines

High efficiency (up to 92.1% AFUE) gas furnaces are marketed as PG9M series, while the slightly less efficient models (80% AFUE) can be found in the PG8M and PG8J series. Also on the market: evaporator and fan coils and R-410A split systems.

Warranty Information

As the original buyer and homeowner, you have to register your product no later than ninety days from the installation date. In this and only in this case you would be eligible for a 10-year limited warranty on individual parts. Your Payne Warranty Certificate will be attached to the Owner’s Manual. For the latest developments in our Warranty Policy, check with your Payne contractor before installation.

Look for more information on the company’s web page.