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Radiant Floor

Radiant Floor Heating TorontoWe provide a full range of services of the design, installation and maintenance of modern heating systems in Toronto & GTA, such as radiant water floor. Today, these systems are probably the best option for additional and primary heating.

Water heated floors – the most effective and economical form of heating houses and cottages!

We will select the best and the most economical way of heating your home

Then we offer you to observe  the advantages, characteristics and features of this system as well as photographs of radiant floors, installation of which we have done.

Under floor heating, as heating system, is used for a long time, because it provides the best performance comfort in rooms with a substantial reduction in heating costs. However, today, with the advent of modern technology of under floor heating installation, these systems were the most widespread. Today, there are two types of under floor heating – electric and water. Electric under floor heating has such obvious advantages as a simple, fast and inexpensive installation. The device of this type of floor heating is cheaper. However, the water floor have much more lower operating costs. As a result, over 5 years of operation of the heating system, the total level of expenditure on the maintenance of electric under floor heating (including costs of design and installation) may be twice higher than maintenance expenditures of water floor. That is why, today more and more homeowners prefer water floor heating installation.

Radiant Water Floor – The Main Advantages

Heated Floor Installation by Fox ServicesUnder floor heating system has a number of unique advantages, allowing it to be named  the best option of heating the house. The technology provides a low-temperature floor heating mode of operation. Temperature of the coolant in the system of floor heating is not more than 50 degrees, and an efficient heating is provided due to the large area of the heating system. As a result, radiant floor heating can reduce operating costs compared with the traditional heating systems, by 25-40 percent. In addition, half of the water is completely safe from an environmental and sanitary point of view. In the course of its operation,  water radiant floor does not generate electromagnetic radiation hazardous to the health. Used pipes can withstand temperature up to a hundred degrees. Special attention is paid to the fact that there are no joints in the floor of the tube, in other words, the floor is laid in the whole tube! Due to standards of quality, features guarantee the accuracy and reliability. Durable items that have passed numerous tests in laboratory tests, is a weighty reason for purchasing this equipment for more than 55 years. System of water-heated floors do not have any contraindications, which cannot be said about electric radiant floor.
Being environmentally friendly and cost-effective, without doubts, are important advantages, which  water-floor have, but the most attractive features are its high ergonomics and comfort.

The unique system of radiant floor heating provides an opportunity to reduce energy consumption by 16% to 46%. This advantage is of great importance for the owners of cottages and homes who choose the variety of the heating systems. It is worth noting that the water-heated floor have no alternative in that situation if the ceiling height is about five meters.

It should be noted that the radiant floor was originally designed in order to implement the idea of creation of the most comfortable and supportive environment for people. The system uses the best under-floor heating principle, according to which the heat is evenly distributed throughout the area of the room from the bottom . As a result, a high temperature is kept at the bottom of the room, which is in the area of human activity. The principle which provides under-floor heating can be characterized by the phrase: “Feet are warm and head is cool”, which is known to be most favorable to the health and well-being of a man. Floor heating technology eliminates convection currents that occur when traditional methods of heating is used and contributes to the spread of dust in the air. In addition, radiant floors help to reduce the moisture content of floor coverings, thereby not only by increasing their life, but also destroying the breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. It is also important to note that radiant floors suggest no use of radiators that gives aesthetic advantages. Heating system of radiant floor is completely hidden under the floor covering. In addition, the absence of a variety ofradiators provides unlimited possibilities for creating of panoramic windows, interior decoration, the possibility of an optimal arrangement of furniture.

Radiant Floors. Design And Calculations

Installing Heated FloorRadiant water floor is quite a complex engineering system. Installation of under-floor heating is performed by capital method. If it is not installed properly the floor covering should be disassembled. That is why the requirements to assemble the heating floors should be met
We offer our clients a full range of design services ranging from preliminary consultations, finishing with preparation of the final project. We will carry out a preliminary calculation of floor heating, which enables you to assess the level of costs for its implementation and its effeciency. Then, in full accordance with the requirements you will choose the optimal system, and a draft of heating. We can do the design of floor heating systems for all buildings and all types of floor coverings: radiant floor under the tile, radiant wood flooring or parquet, etc.

Under-floor Heating Installation

Installation of the under-floor heating – is rather complicated process from a technical point. It is extremely important in carrying out of the construction works to ensure compliance with the requirements of a number of regulations that ensure the efficiencyand durability of the heating system. That is why the installation of floor heating is carried out in our company only by qualified and experienced staff. We will provide the installation of under-floor heating as quickly as possible, providing all the technical solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and durability of the heating system at home.

Radiant Floor Under The Tile And Laminate

Home Improvement Company Toronto It should be noted that the temperature regime  which the water floor  uses is gentle to the overwhelming majority of floor coverings. Therefore, we provide the implementation of such options as heating floor of tiles, heating floor of laminate and others.

Technical and operational parameters characterizing the water-heated floors allow us to speak confidently  that today it is one of the most attractive implementation of the principles of the heating system. Buying the heating floor  will be without doubts the right decision for the owner of the house, there may be options of installation of heating floors in an apartment. In any case, the price of radiant floor in the long-term  will be repaid many times. At the same time, you will get an efficient and high quality home heating,  which meets appropriate ergonomic and minimum biological pollutants.

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