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A private enterprise based in the united States, Rheem manufactures central air conditioning units both for domestic and commercial use, furnaces and heat pumps. The Company also owns such brands as Ruud, also a HVAC equipment manufacturer, and Raypak which deals in modern hydroponic heating systems. In turn, Rheem itself is subsidiary to the Paloma Industries, and Paloma Group has annual revenues of close to $2,5 billion.

Company History

Established in 1927 by brothers Donald and Richard Rheem, the Company was acquired by the Paloma Group of Nagoya, Japan in1987.

Rheem’s factories can be found both in the Southern and Southwestern U.S. (Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and California), as well as outside of the U.S., in Australia, Mexico and Canada.

Produce Lines

Oil furnaces: the deluxe model would be the Prestige 90 Plus, closely followed by the top-quality Classic 90.

A top pick among the Company’s gas furnaces would be Criterion II Plus 2 LXE.


The company provides a Limited Warranty on individual parts, the customer may also choose between several options of Extended Warranties.


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