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A ‘rooftop’ is a monoblock [single unit] refrigeration machine installed on the roof or on racks of chosen height near the building.  Rooftop units have a wide range of uses, including select temperature regulation and ventilation.  The air conditioner’s recycling feature uses a mixing chamber which draws air from the room to circulate with fresh air, thereafter returning through air ducts to refresh the room.  Rooftops have the following advantages:

  • Simplicity
  • Compact single-unit design
  • High reliability
  • Low operating expense
  • Unified system control
  • Outdoor installation conserves space with only indoor ducting needed for the air flow.

Rooftops can also be equipped with gas burners for highly effective space heating in winter.

When selecting a rooftop unit, clients should consider many factors, especially the layout configuration options.  Rooftop installation demands precise preparation and calculation. Consulting an expert is wise for the professional advice needed when choosing a rooftop unit.

Fox Services provides the full spectrum of ‘rooftop’ services: purchase, replacement, repair, and maintenance of units for all various models and manufacturers.

If you are interested in rooftop unit or have any questions about it call us anytime and our expert design team will gladly offer our best professional advice.