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A subsidiary to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a South Corean public company, Samsung Electronics America has been known for decades as a marketer of quality, innovative and stylish room air conditioning systems.

Company History

Founded in South Corea in 1969 under the name Samsung-Sanyo, the company rose to fame as Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The production of air conditioning units started in 1980, and such was the demand that only four years later the Company opened its first manufacturing plant on American soil.

Product Lines

In this day and age you can choose between a “smart” air conditioning system with electronic touch pads, or a simpler one, with mechanical dials – Samsung has it all! Some of the Company’s products have the Energy Star rating, so you will be reducing your carbon footprint as well. In addition, the Company manufactures ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.


Five-year parts only warranty is offered on the compressor, along with one-year labor and parts warranty.

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