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Server Rooms

Air Conditioning Of Server Rooms

Server room air conditioning – is a prerequisite option for proper failsafe operation of computers, servers and other equipment. Server room air conditioning can be accomplished with the help of reliable semi-split system, and industrial-grade, or with the help of precision air conditioners that can accurately monitor temperature, humidity and air cleanliness in the premises of the server.

Air Conditioning Of Server Rooms With Semi-industrial And Split Systems.

In cases where precision is required (up to a degree) to maintain the temperature in the server, their air conditioning can be accomplished using split-systems. As a rule, for such purposes, people choose a reliable brand and model of air conditioners. To solve the problem of low temperature, air conditioners are equipped with a special winter set with the lower temperature limit up to -50°C. Some models of air conditioners can be equipped with such units directly at the factory. Systems of air conditioning, which work only on cooling are used for server rooms in most cases. The specialists of our company can install winter set on any air conditioning system. Powerful reliable models of split systems are suitable for conditioning of server rooms, which are modified specifically to solve the specific problem of the server room air conditioning. The use of standard semi-industrial and industrial systems allows avoiding unnecessary spending on high-precision air-conditioners. If necessary, ducted air conditioners with cooling air by wiring can be installed. As a general rule, when designing a server room air conditioning system a reserve ratio of 50% -100% is laid. During the 100% redundancy the number of installed air conditioners is actually doubled in relation to the calculation for a given capacity. In the case of failure of one of air conditioners, the other will continue to work. The service life of such a system is doubled. If there is a 50% reservation only two of three air-conditioners are working constantly, the life of air-conditioning system is increased by half.

Technical experts of Fox Services company will help to find the ideal settings for your server room on the price / quality ratio, to do the supply and installation of equipment, as well as warranty and post warranty services.