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Snow Melting Systems

Snow Melting System

Retire your snow shovel and snow blower for good!

download (1)(1)One of the best options to remove snow during the cold winter months is a snow melt system.

The most common uses for this system are: driveways, walking paths, parking lots and stairs. Installation is carried out during the construction stage when tubing is put underground and in other areas you need heat.

How They Work:

A hydronic snow melt system runs from a boiler and warms the area by running heated antifreeze or glycol pumped through the closed-loop underground system under a driveway or walking path. Heat radiates from the tubing to the surface of your driveway causing the snow and ice to melt.

The advantages of a hydronic system: the tubing used in a hydronic system works very well under concrete slabs and it is very flexible and resistant to damage.

A snow melting system makes the lifespan of the concrete or asphalt longer by eliminating the use of harsh salts and chemicals.

imagesCAK8RBEISnow melting systems are controlled by an automatic activation device that will turn the system on when the sensor feels precipitation and freezing temperatures. These types of control devices trigger the system only when it is necessary.

Key Advantages:

  • Make accidents less frequent
  • Don’t damage the environment
  • Eliminate shoveling or plowing
  • Make the lifespan of driveways and sidewalks longer