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Types of Zoning Systems

Zone Panel And Zone Dampers

images1Being a homeowner, you have surely areas of your residence which are always overheated or over cooled. Your utility bills are unreasonably high and you need a solution to this problem! A zoned controlled system might be the solution you are searching for.

The conventional zone control system will let a single furnace or air conditioning system have separately monitored temperature zones in different areas of your home.

Each zone is thermostatically controlled independently. Each zone is ducted separately, and has its in-duct damper and actuator.


A large number of dampers are open. If any of the zone thermostats shows which zones need heating or cooling, the other dampers closes, directing all air to the zone asking for conditioning.

untitledThe zone panel (pictured below) also requires the furnace or air conditioner to cycle on simultaneously. When each zone’s  of the thermostat reaches the point it was set for, the damper closes. As soon as all zones have been satisfied, the zone panel (or board) will shut off the equipment, and all dampers will then return to the open position to provide air flow (if the system is set up for continuous air circulation).

A variable speed air handler or furnace is the perfect option for permanent air circulation. Some zone panels fully control blower speed.

4Your thermostat is set permanent fan. If there is no demand for conditioning the fan starts working slower at an almost undetectable speed and continues moving air, which assists equalize temperatures  Once any one of the zone thermostats detects the need for conditioning, the blower starts increasing the speed, the furnace or air conditioner cycles on, and conditioned air is brought into the required space.

Below  there is a
diagram of a typical zone panel. The zone panel requires a low voltage power supply (24 volts). All control wiring, thermostats, dampers are equipped with wires connecting them to the board. The entire system is now controlled by a zone system .

The homeowner saves money by conditioning only the areas of the home being used at chosen times of the day. You save energy, and you extend the life of your equipment.

These benefits can be gotten with the help of programmable thermostat. The homeowner can reset different temperatures for high use times or low use times of each zone, for multiple use changes per day.

For instance,  will you use bedrooms during the day? why do you need to cool them all day? The living spaces, kitchen, family room, etc., are used more during the day. Do you need to cool them at night?

You can save 30% on your utility bills with zone control method.


5You can find zone dampers of square, rectangular, or round configurations. They can be bought with or without actuators (motors).

You can have an issue with air bypass. If a damper is not sealed, or is badly installed, air can bypass the damper and overheat or over cool an area which does not require air conditioning.

Make sure that the dampers you, or your contractor, choose are of high quality units. The damper itself must have blade seals and side seals. The damper should be installed in the ducting  and properly sealed with special tools and right materials to prevent air loss. Only a charlatan would use duct tape on duct system.