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oToday the current rate of exploitation of residential, commercial and industrial facilities place high demands on sanitation, ergonomics and comfort. Therefore, in present conditions the qualitative ventilation is one of the necessary conditions for buildings maintenance.

One of the activities of our company is services for any type of ventilation in the GTA: house, cottage, production facility or enterprise.

During years of our work we found a lot of ventilation systems, and offer you to use our services.


This procedure is a complex of measures aimed at maintaining the level of ventilation required to maintain normal physical properties and chemical composition of the inner atmosphere of the room. It should be noted that the ventilation of apartments above, and also, quite often, business premises, was carried out using a natural draft of air. In present conditions, this method has shown to be ineffective, but truly effective air ventilation can be provided only by the creation of functional and branched systems.

Our company offers professional services for design and installation of high-performance ventilation systems for rooms of different types. With our help, ventilation of apartments, houses, retail, office and industrial buildings and layout of any quadrature may be realized in a very short time. We provide a system with a professional turn-key implementation by our specialists work in all phases from design to commissioning of ventilation system in operation. At each stage, we use the latest technology and techniques, modern equipment, materials and components of the highest quality. This ensures not only high quality and functionality, but long-term operation of the ventilation system. In addition, we implement automation using the advanced electronics that allows us to derive the functionality and usability of the system to a new level.

iAutomation also provides a real opportunity to reduce operating costs significantly by using the system.

What Is Ventilation?

Exhaust ventilation – a number of activities that are used to remove exhaust air from the room. It should be noted, that it serves to maintain the balance between the amount of supplied and removed air.

Forced Ventilation And Its Significance

Forced ventilation is used to supply fresh air into the room instead of polluted. It should be noted that the supplied air in case of necessity can be subjected to the following types of processing: cleaning, heating, humidification, air conditioning, etc.

The Air In Forced Ventilation Goes Through Such Devices As:

  • Heater;
  • The air supplying device;
  • Filters for purification;
  • Cooler;
  • The unit responsible for the air supply to the room.

This system uses 100% outside air flow. Each of them can have a commercial purpose, as well as domestic.

Purge Ventilation

Purge ventilation is a combination of supply and exhaust system, which provides a unique opportunity to combine the advantages of both systems. This system is able to organize the most appropriate mode of ventilation. It effectively copes with the problem of filtering,regulating temperature and humidity in the room. In addition, its operation is carried out at any time of year.

Calculation And Design Of Ventilation Systems

Modern systems are designed, and the installation is carried out, taking into account a number of parameters. Among the key parameters, which are used to perform design and installation of ventilation to create the whole system are the following: the volume of space, nature of operation, the maximum number of people, who are regularly staying in the room, and several other parameters. Based on these characteristics calculation is done, which makes it possible to determine the required performance, to choose the type of system and to determine the requirements for ventilation equipment. In addition, the design of ventilation makes it possible to answer the first question about the total cost of system implementation. The cost of ventilation depends primarily on your choice of ventilation equipment, and ductwork. The calculation in our company is done by the experienced engineering and technical equipment in strict accordance with the standards, using modern software. This allows us to guarantee not only the highest quality of design work and creation of projects that are optimal for our customers, but also guarantee the shortest periods of their implementation.

Installation Of Ventilation

It is equally important step is the installation process itself. At this stage the longevity of the system is provided. In addition, installation is the most costly phase of the ventilation system at the facility. Therefore, we pay attention on the implementation of construction works. In this case, we purse two key priorities – providing exceptional quality and reliability of the ventilation system and achieving a minimum level of costs for our customers. Installation of ventilation equipment, laying of ducts and other construction works are carried out by qualified personnel. Strict control at each stage of construction works ensures full compliance with the approved design of the implemented system. The works are carried out using the most reliable and high quality fasteners, which ensure high durability of the ventilation system.

An effective and economical ventilation of premises with us – it’s easy. Trust true professionals, and the result will exceed your expectations.