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Wall Furnaces

The main principle of operation of the gas convector is based on air circulation inside the unit. Cold air is heated in a closed chamber during the time, when combustion gas and combustion products are removed through the chimney outside the house. Chimneys, which are equipped with gas heaters, are coaxial tubes, through a central circuit of which the products of combustion are removed, and the outer loop circulates cold air, keeping the outer shell of the chimney heated up, which ensures the safety of the convector, even if the chimney is installed in  the wooden wall.

Gas convector are very undemanding in use and easy to install. These units do not require an electrical connection (exception is for models with fan). The fuel can be used as natural gas or LP.

The Main Advantages:

  • Security – all the products of combustion are removed and the outer surface of the convector always remains cool. The use of convector use is safer than of a gas stove.
  • Environmentally friendliness – the materials, which is the convector made of, are totally safe
  • Universal installation and connectivity does not have any difficulties, convector is just hung on the wall with a help of  a bracket.

Gas convectors are irreplaceable heaters in the situations when you want  to heat up the room and you can’t do it with theheating system having a boiler and radiators, fireplace or furnace. It is enough to hang a gas convector on the wall, connect it to thegas line, bring the chimney and enjoy a comfortable temperature even during the most extreme frosts.