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York Unitary Products Group (UPG), based in York, PA, USA, markets residential and light commercial furnaces and central air conditioning units. Furnaces are sold under such trademarks as Luxaire, Coleman and York. The York company is a subsidiary to Johnson Controls, who reported more than $34 billion in sales in 2007.

Company History

This commercial enterprise was founded in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania. For a period of time, York was a publicly traded company, but this ceased to be with its takeover by Johnson Control in 2005.


The Company’s gas furnaces line can be found under the “Diamond” moniker. The “Affinity” line stands for products for home-design conscious consumers, as it markets furnaces and air conditioning systems in seven different hues – from Terracotta to Champagne. Oil furnaces are also available for purchase.


The original buyer is automatically eligible for a standard warranty. An extended warranty is optional.

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